28 December 2010

Best of 2010, Part 1

I decided to do a Best Of list for 2010.  Cliche? Perhaps. But this captures some of the many, many highlights of my 2010.  I reserve the right to add to this list as new things occur to me (hence the Part 1).  This was originally posted on my Facebook, so names of people not on Twitter or in the blogosphere have been removed to respect their privacy.

Best New Music: Mumford & Sons.  I adore their Sigh No More CD.

Best Book about an animal: Homer's Odyssey- Don't ask me why this little cat sucked me in so, but he did.

Best Decision:  There's a three way tie: First, working with Carrie Tallman. We worked through some of my crazy stuff, and I made a new friend in the process. Second, Working with Suellen Germani, and Third, checking out Atlanta HP.   I've met some wonderful new friends through Atlanta HP, and I look forward to any chance to get my geek on. 

Best New Experience: Dragon*Con- y'all, I had so much fun.  Tickets for next year are already acquired.

Best Celebrity Encounter: Yes, there was more than one.   But this stands out the most. Meeting Emily Giffin at a launch party for Heart of the Matter.  Such a class act. Such a great author.  One of my faves.

Best Weekend:  Florida girls weekend - I don't care how old we are. We had a blast at Universal Studios Theme Park in Orlando. No drama, just lots of fun.  I can't wait to plan our next trip.

Best Charity Event: For The Kid Toy Party earlier in December.  So much fun and so many toys for needy kids.

Best Girls Night Out Plan:  Eating the World with my GNO dinner crew.  We were inspired by Jen Lancaster's "Jenaissance"

Best Concert: There were a lot of concerts in 2010. Hands down, the best was Green Day! Such a fun show.  I'll see them any time.

Best Blog/Community- And here we have our second tie.  First, is Bitches on A Budget. Consistently interactive on the blog and on FB, with a passionate community. Rosalyn Hoffman cares about her work, and takes time to read and respond to comments.  

Second is my SAMCRO Community on Twitter. I've never seen so many people excited by a Television show, and taking a personal interest and investment in other friends.

Third is The Belle Beat.  Bunny Belle also blogs about books, but she and I follow each other on Twitter and she's fun to read.

Best Techie Discovery: Twitter.  Y'all. I love my Twitter.  It's kind of my crack.

Best Movie: I saw some good ones. But I'm a fan girl. You know this. So in 2010, it has to be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Although Inside Job was really good, and I am now in LOVE with Fight Club since I (finally) saw it.

Best Bullshit Detection Moment:  Any weekend spent with my college roommate. Enough said.

Best Bachelorette Party:  There was dancing.  With a pole. And it was fun. 

Stay tuned. There will be more.

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