12 December 2010

It's A Renaissance

It's a Renaissance, or
Eating the World

My friend Lisa and I both read Jen Lancaster's My Fair Lazy: One Reality Television Addict's Attempt to Discover if Not Being a Dumb-Ass Is the New Black, or, A Culture-Up Manifesto.

While we both laughed out loud at reading the book, Lisa decided she needed to undergo her own cultural renaissance.  So her first item of business was to throw out to our 3 Day Girls Dinner Group that we broaden our dinner out selections and try all kinds of different cuisines.  I adore food, so I was happy to say YES!  We did Thai last month. This month is Persian, and then I'm going to lobby for Indian.

The challenge is that we are all suburban girls. And the best cuisines are not in the 'burbs where we are. But with jobs and kids and spouses and boyfriends, etc, it is hard for us to get to a lot of places during the week.  Logistically this is going to get interesting, trying to find times where we can go explore Bangladeshi, Vietnamese, and African menus.  But we'll make it happen.

The other thing is that we get to go see more plays and musicals and concerts now.  Which I've always loved doing, but its hard getting people to go to things like that sometimes.  Thankfully, this little renaissance means that the Girls are excited about doing more.  We saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra Friday night. Phenomenal show. Great light show, great music, and flashbacks to 80's hair bands.  Once the jerks in front of us left the concert, we had a brilliant time.

Next week is "A Christmas Story" and January is "West Side Story"  and then I get to look for more things to do.

So this is when having friends who are excited about doing new things has its benefits.  I get to do some stuff I already enjoy with people I have a good time hanging out with.

I'm excited to see what we discover this year.


  1. Ahhh, how I love seeing my name in print :) Just got a recommendation for an African restaurant!!


  2. Excellent! I can't wait. Feel free to share the post with any of your other friends who want to follow along.